How does it work exactly?

First step

Connect your GitHub repositories with a few clicks

Second step

Configure the code changes you want to track with our easy-to-use rules engine

Third step

Merge a pull request with a related code change and see all the details appear in the dashboard.

Keep track of progress and get valuable insights about your migration

Code improvement initiatives (also known as code refactoring) are referred to as ‘migrations’ in Caribou. These migrations are usually not as visible as they should be in the team, leading to problems.

Caribou helps bring all of this engineering work to the surface, providing you with valuable metrics such as the current migration progress, estimated finish time, files pending in the migration and more!

Recognize the hard work of your team

Caribou’s dashboard shows a list of all the contributors for a migration. This provides a way for the team to recognize the individuals who are helping move the migration forward and helps create a culture that prioritises technical quality.

Automatically monitor all your Pull Requests

Caribou monitors all the PRs in your codebase. It will:

  • Comment on these PRs to update you on the migration progress.

  • Warn engineers if their PRs are regressing the migration and optionally block the PRs from being merged.

  • Notify engineers when their PRs are missed opportunities for improving the codebase; i.e. when engineers modify files that are eligible for a migration, but they don’t migrate them.

Easy to use and configurable. Start tracking your code changes within minutes

Migrations can be easily setup using the rules engine which allows you to create sophisticated rules based on the file names/extensions, file contents and directory paths.

Always up-to-date, your code is the source of truth

Avoid the overhead of creating Jira tickets and keeping them up to date. Track any change towards a migration even if it is a single line of code. Have a single place to get meaningful insights, without having to hunt down metrics across multiple Jira tickets or GitHub.

Stay on top of things with real-time updates

Caribou’s notification system integrates with Slack and gives you timely updates and reminders about the progress of a migration.

And that’s not all

Use the file explorer widget to see which parts of your codebase are still pending and plan your migration better

Add all your documentation into Caribou, so you have a central place for the team to learn and keep updated about an ongoing migration

See a list of all the pull requests that are part of a migration and easily understand the impact of each one

Start improving your codebase now

Empower your team to fight technical debt and start creating a culture of technical excellence